The Runners’ Clinic process is comprehensive and cyclical in nature. The initial evaluation creates a foundation for the treatment plan and informs its development along the way. Treatment and training are constantly evaluated for their effectiveness in reducing pain, increasing functional capacity and improving performance. As your physical therapist I seek to create continuity by partnering with physicians, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and all members of your “team” to maximize your ability to run healthy, run happy.

 Evaluation and Analysis

  • A thorough review of recent and past injuries, training history and running goals.
  • An in-depth biomechanical assessment including skeletal structure, posture, strength, flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Functional movement tests including stability, control and agility
  • High speed video capture of running gait followed by slow motion analysis of multiple aspects of your running form.


Based upon the integration of training and injury history, biomechanical assessment, functional movement tests and video analysis we will create a plan designed to treat the current injury or limitation. The plan will further address any deficits you may have in strength, endurance, flexibility, structural symmetry, movement patterns and running form in an effort to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Once we have identified the problems, I may use a variety of manual therapy techniques to help restore functional and pain-free movement. Manual therapy is a term used to describe the work that the physical therapist does with her/his hands to help achieve increased joint range of motion, soft tissue extensibility, and improved neuromuscular function. Manual therapy may include or be referred to as soft tissue mobilization, massage, myofascial release, ART, strain-counterstrain, and muscle energy technique.

Your treatment may include modalities to facilitate the healing of injured tissues. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves, causing the vibration of molecules deep within tissue producing a heating effect and facilitating nutrition exchange at the cellular level to promote healing. Iontophoresis is a method used to propel anti-flammatory medications through the skin via an electrical charge according to the physical property that like charges repel each other.


Training is a vital part of the process and includes exercise, movement re-education and work on your running form if needed. Your exercise prescription will be based upon the detailed evaluation and analysis and will be adapted according to your response to treatment and training. You will also learn the multiple and complex factors that may have contributed to your injury or dysfunction so you are better equipped to make future exercise and training decisions and minimize your risk for re-injury.

Our gym is fully equipped for work on strength, flexibility/mobility, agility and running form. We have an Elliptical trainer and a spin bike should alternative workouts be necessary during your rehabilitation. We also have a full-size therapeutic pool that can be used for deep water running and for the initiation of plyometric exercise in a buoyant environment allowing an earlier return to loading injured tissues.