The Runners’ Clinic is located at South Sound Physical and Hand Therapy in Tacoma.

South Sound Physical and Hand Therapy is affiliated with Integrated Rehabilitation Group Inc. (IRG) a Physical Therapy company with 27 clinics located throughout the greater Puget Sound area.

South Sound Physical and Hand Therapy
1901 South Cedar Street Suite B-1
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 272-6910

Please call South Sound Physical and Hand Therapy to schedule an appointment.

For your first appointment South Sound Physical and Hand Therapy staff will ask you to arrive early to fill out required and requested forms.

Though your insurance may not require a referral from your physician for me to evaluate and treat you, I may ask you to see your doctor if their expertise or further diagnostic tests are needed in order for physical therapy to be safe and effective. As always, a coordinated team effort will yield the best results and clear communication between all parties involved is essential. If you have been referred by a physician they will receive an initial evaluation report and periodic progress notes approximately every 30 days. I value the opportunity to collaborate with coaches, trainers, and when working with high school students I welcome parental involvement.

For cases in which you are seeking a consultation at The Runners’ Clinic for injury prevention or running performance – not medically necessary – the cost may not be covered by your insurance. In that instance the following fees apply:
1st appointment $125   •   2nd appointment $100   •   All subsequent appointments $75