Perhaps we haven’t met yet, but I think I know a little something about you. You don’t just run; you are a runner. It isn’t just what you do; it’s who you are. You may be a runner with an injury or a runner who wants to be stronger, faster and more efficient. I am a runner too and a Physical Therapist with the passion, knowledge and skill to help you. Whether you are 15 or 50, fast or not-so-fast, beginner or veteran, I will go that extra mile to get you back on the road in pursuit of your running goals.


  • With Aly’s unique approach, she was able to shorten the duration of and fix my injuries AND helped me to prevent others in the future. She was essential to my development and success as a runner. She helped me through a difficult senior year track season, when many thought I wouldn’t be able to compete at all, to coming within 3 seconds of my 3200m PR at State. I recommend her to any athlete with any injury.– C.P.

  • Although being injured was frustrating, being able to trust an accomplished PT and athlete was reassuring. She analyzed my weaknesses and explained them to me in ways I could understand. She was conscious of my expectations and goals and included me in the treatment planning. My injury healed, my running has returned to its prior form, and I am a much more knowledgeable runner having worked with Alison. – Dave M.

  • After going through a horrible string of problems it was Alison working her magic that got me back into prime running shape! She not only treated my injuries effectively but also identified my weak areas and helped me to resolve them. For any runner that has a problem and needs physical therapy I strongly recommend Aly as your go-to PT! – I.Y.

  •  As a competitive recreational runner I suffered from nagging injuries. Alison’s treatment approach resolved my injuries and through specific exercise instruction she taught me how to correct my running form in order to prevent further injuries. I have been injury free, able to improve my personal best half- marathon time by 6 minutes and win numerous age group awards. My time with Alison was well spent and my body thanks me daily! – Brenda T.

  • Alison is hands down the best physical therapist I have ever been to. Her knowledge combined with her common sense is an unmatched combination. If you want results, look no further. – Brent F.